RightPlace Ventures


We generally focus on industries where we have personal experience primarily in Healthcare and Technology companies. We use our experience and industry networks to help our portfolio companies grow and build value.  We invest in innovative and transformational businesses, not intellectual property or science experiments. We focus on regional businesses that will have a global impact and typically invest early, committing our operational and industry expertise to help build enduring businesses.  We have a preference for businesses in overlooked, less crowded niches.


We invest in companies in Western Pennsylvania, primarily in Pittsburgh. We occasionally invest outside of our target region when we find businesses with strong potential where we can add particular value.


We focus on entrepreneur-led companies that have both strong management teams and understandable business models that will lead to defensible profitability. We believe that strong management teams are the key to building successful businesses and provide the best opportunity for us to partner with.


We invest in promising seed-stage and early-stage companies with significant growth opportunity, either organic or through acquisitions.  We prefer companies that are already generating revenue with scalable recurring revenue pricing models and high gross margins.  We occasionally invest in other select opportunities with companies that have high barriers to entry.


We typically do not act as lead investor but do act as an active partner in our portfolio companies. Our Advisory Team, with their extensive industry experience, provide us with valuable insight and the ability to help management draft business plans, define strategy, plan tactics, consummate mergers and strategic partnerships, and attract key talent. We are an engaged collaborator with access to other investors and management teams, as appropriate.  With years of industry experience, and extensive experience with Silicon Valley venture capital and private equity firms, we provide trusted guidance to our portfolio companies.