Will Frederick

Will is a senior financial executive with extensive leadership experience and a proven record of developing and implementing strategies to drive revenue growth, increase profitability and obtain corporate objectives. Will has global experience with publicly traded and privately held companies ranging from early stage start-ups to Fortune 100 enterprises.  During his career as a C-level executive, Will has successfully raised over $100M in private and public financings, completed over $675M in M&A transactions, and negotiated over $69M in debt instruments for companies.

 Will's specialties include:
   •  Strategic Planning
   •  Mergers & Acquisitions
   •  Turnarounds
   •  Debt & Equity Financing
   •  High Growth Companies
   •  Corporate Governance
   •  Investor Relations
   •  Financial Modeling

Gilbert Molina

Gilbert is a proven IT and Client Services executive with more than fifteen years of experience working at fast-paced and rapidly-growing organizations. He brings a track record of working with diverse groups and managing complex, mission-critical projects. His extensive background includes overseeing Client Services and IT Operations from start-ups to public companies. Gilbert's expertise includes developing corporate IT infrastructures and managing client accounts required to achieve the strategic growth initiatives of companies.


Quynh Trinh

Quynh is a general counsel with broad experience in fast-paced public and private companies, overseeing all legal matters and providing general legal guidance to executive management.  She has a strong background in negotiating software licenses and service agreements, with a focus on supporting sales teams to meet company objectives and revenue targets.

Quynh has been the sole in house counsel at several companies and has managed a wide range of legal matters including: technology licensing, corporate governance, SEC filings, mergers and acquisitions, stock administration, international subsidiary set up & management and general employment matters.



Shawn O'Connor

Shawn is a seasoned executive with more than 25 years of “C-level” experience in high technology executive management. His experience spans the company life cycle with experience in founding startups, managing private companies through to IPO or other M&A exit strategies as well as leadership of public companies. His experience also includes successful turnaround and bankruptcy reorganization efforts.

Shawn has been a leader in the transformation of several industries in their adoption of new technology. He has been a leader in the adoption of in-silico modeling applications in the life sciences space to improve pharmaceutical drug development and healthcare patient management using big data for predictive analytics. He has been a leader in the transformation of the retail industry in their adoption of electronic commerce supply chain technologies to improve operating efficiencies and product availability. He has been a leader in the medical device community in their adoption of new imaging modalities such as ultrasound and MRI. In each of these areas, the business’ led by Shawn remain leaders in their fields to this day.