We can provide you with financing alternatives that may not be available from traditional lenders.  Some of the terms we can offer include unique financial covenants, mezzanine financing and reasonable conversion provisions.

Use of funds may include:

  •  Refinancing existing debt
  •  Growing your business
  •  Financing acquisitions
  •  Diversifying your assets
  •  Providing liquidity

As our partner, you will have complete access to our financial and operational management expertise. We will work together diligently to achieve our common goals.  We can provide customized growth financing to entrepreneur-led companies in sectors where we have domain expertise, relationships and experience to add value.

We only provide short-term financing to companies with strong management teams and high enterprise value to loan amounts. We believe our flexibility of terms allows companies to delay issuing equity and bridge toward a financing event.

Our investment must help a company reach a clear inflection point such as the financing of new products or services, enlarging the footprint of the business, refinancing to take out existing debt, or a profitable acquisition.  We will not engage in predatory financing or activities which we believe may weaken the value of a company.

RightPlace Financing